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We have a winner!  No amusement park visit is complete without the fun of a classic carnival game!  Vintage games of skill and chance that have been enjoyed for generations dot the midway, along with the today's gaming favorites like "Bob's Fishin' Hole" and a variety of street racing video games.  Midway games and Fun Zone operate during all amusement park hours, and the roller rink arcade is open during all open skating sessions.  So, step right up folks, and take home a terrific memory!
Arcade Games $.25-$1.00
Our video game offerings have something for everyone, including several driving experience games, air hockey, 6 different pin-ball machines, and many crane games!
Balloon Darts $2.00 or 4/$5.00
A midway classic with a winner every time.
Basketball Toss $2.00 or 3/$5.00
Make a hoop to win!
Bob's Fishin' Hole $5.00
Oaks Park's newest game is big hit with little ones, and players get a prize every time!
Bonanza Shooting Gallery $.50
A vintage icon of the Oaks Park midway! Take aim at targets throughout the old west saloon setting.
Fun Zone $.25-$1.50
A variety of favorites including "Skee-Ball" and "Deal or No Deal" where players win tickets to choose prizes at our redemption counter.
Knock 'Em Down $1.00 or 6/$5.00
Here's the wind-up, and the pitch! Knock down the goblets and win!
One Ball $2.00 or 4/$5.00
A chance to win a jumbo stuffed animal!
Pick-A-Poster $1.00
40 different posters, winner every time.
Roller Bowler $.25
Win 10 times and get a jumbo stuffed animal!
Water Races $2.00
A winner every time, takes 2 players to race.
Hours Rides Eureka Mine
Miniature Golf Go Carts Roller Skating

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