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Oaks Park Roller Rink Safety Rules

For your safety and enjoyment, and respect of other skaters, please familiarize yourself with our safety rules. These rules are enforced by our staff for everyone’s safety and to help all of our guests enjoy their time at Oaks Park Roller Rink!


  • Report all conflicts and safety concerns to the staff.
  • All customers are expected to dress in an appropriate manner (public school guidelines apply).
  • No "in and out" privileges or loitering around the building.
  • Outside food and drink are not allowed.
  • Skates may not to be worn into, or out of, the building.
  • No offensive language or gestures are acceptable.
  • Adults accompanying children may enter as a spectators at no charge.
  • On Friday and Saturday evening everyone is required to be on skates in the building except parents, group leaders, or guardians.
  • For safety, hats, headgear, head sets, Bluetooth, and sunglasses may not be worn while roller skating, This also extends to loose items (for example; shoes, cell phones, video cameras, stuffed animals, food, or beverages).
  • Loose clothing draped or tied around your neck or waist cannot be taken on the skating floor.
  • The following things may not be done during our sessions; jumping, fast or reckless skating, weaving, zigzagging, or practicing roller derby moves through traffic.
  • No pushing, shoving, racing, chasing or playing tag on the skating floor or in the building.
  • Please keep moving on the skating floor at all times.  Please do not stand and chat along the walls, or eat and drink over the walls.
  • Do not pick up and/or carry anyone while you are wearing skates.
  • Sitting on or jumping over the walls not allowed.
  • No gum in the building.
  • All food and drink must stay in the snack bar.
  • You must wear skates to be on the skating floor except during Preschool Play & Skate, or if you have special permission from the Rink Manager.
  • No alcoholic beverages/drugs or anyone under the influence, will be allowed in the building.
  • Sitting on laps or showing excessive affection will not be allowed. 

Thank you for being safety conscious and we hope you have a great time!