Mixtape Revival & Oaks Park Live! Concert Series Policies

What is Oaks Park Live!? Oaks Park Live! is an all-new weekly concert series happening Saturdays this spring.  Concerts highlight the Northwest music scene with a variety of local performers specializing in rock, indie, rock-a-billy, and other musical styles.

What is Mixtape Revival? Mixtape Revival is an all-new weekly concert series happening Fridays this spring. Concerts feature live bands on-stage at the Oaks Park outdoor theater playing hits from the 1980s and 1990s. You'll enjoy the show from your vehicle as the concert broadcasts through your car's FM radio. The show also features "car-aoke" specials where you can video and share your carload singing along with performers for a chance to be highlighted on screen during the concert and to win great prizes.

Is it a movie? While there are certainly audiovisual components to the performance, this is primarily a live performance with musicians and personalities appearing on stage.

Where does the show take place? The outdoor, drive-in theater is at Oaks Amusement Park, located at 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202.

Will Oaks Park’s rides/roller skating be open? Will Oaks Park’s rides/roller skating be open?  The Roller Rink will be open on the dates of the event; separate ticket required. Depending on the developing COVID situation, the amusement park may reopen during the course of the show's run; a separate ticket will be required.

How long is the show? Approximately 2.5 hours, including intermissions.

Is this something we can do while COVID restrictions are in place? Yes. This event complies with State guidance for drive-in theaters. Only attend with members of your established COVID pod. When outside of your vehicle, masks are required for all guests 5 and older and strongly recommended for guests ages 2-5. Social-distancing must be maintained at all times. Concessions will only be available by carhop service only. Failure to comply with staff instructions regarding COVID practices will result in immediate expulsion from the event with no refunds.

How do I get tickets? Tickets must be purchased online in advance. There is no on-site ticket booth. Only guests who have a pre-purchased ticket will be admitted.

How many tickets do I need? Each ticket is good for one vehicle and includes all occupants of the vehicle.

How many people can I bring in my car? Vehicles will only be allowed in with the legal number of occupants for the model of vehicle. Please only attend with your household or COVID pod.

Do I have to set up an account to purchase tickets? Yes, setting up an account on Oaks Park’s online store is mandatory to purchase tickets. Having an account helps us be able to stay in communication with you about the show and fulfills contact-tracing requirements.

Do I have to print my ticket? No. You may either print your ticket or show your ticket on your mobile device. While presenting your ticket to check-in staff, everyone in your vehicle must be wearing a mask.

What time should I arrive? Gates open 60 minutes before showtime. Viewing spaces are first-come, first-served (except over-sized vehicles, see "Vehicles" section below); arriving early gives the best possibility of parking close to the stage.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. In cases of emergency, tickets may be rescheduled a minimum of 72 hours before the start of the reserved showtime.

What if the weather is bad? The show will go on, rain, sleet, or snow. In the case of icy driving conditions, the event producers may cancel the show, in which case ticket holders will have the option to reschedule for another date. If the producers do not cancel the show, there are no inclement weather refunds.

Are there vehicle size limitations? Yes. Buses and RVs are not permitted. Vehicles that are longer than 22' and/or, in the sole opinion of the event producers, are tall enough to block views must park in the back row of the outdoor theater as directed by ushers.

Who parks closest to the stage? Standard-sized vehicles will be "seated' in the order that they arrive, with early guests getting the closest parking locations. See question above for information about oversized vehicles.

Can I park backwards if my car works better facing that way? Yes, just let us know as you are being ushered in.

Can I sit outside my car or in my truck bed? Yes. You may sit outside of your car but, with the show layout, must stay in close proximity to your car to allow for social-distancing. A minimum of 6' must be maintained between you/your party and other parties. Masks must be worn at all times while outside of your vehicle.

Can I roll down my windows or open my doors? Once you are parked in your socially-distanced parking space you may roll down your windows or open your back hatch if you wish.

How do I hear the show while I’m in my car? Sound will be broadcast through an FM tuner. Vehicles must have a functioning FM radio in order to hear the show.

What do I do with my headlights? Once you’re parked, headlights must be turned off and remain off for the duration of the show.

What if I have an emergency? Flash your headlights and an usher will assist you and guide your car to an exit.

Will there be restrooms available? Yes. Restrooms are a short walk from the outdoor theater. Guests must wear a mask and maintain social-distancing of at least 6’ from anyone not in their COVID-circle while walking to and from the restroom and while in the restroom facilities.

Are there snacks available at the show? Yes. We will have a limited menu of drinks and snacks as well as souvenir items available. Concessions/souvenirs will be delivered to your vehicle by a carhop. For nutrition information, contact webracadabra@gmail.com. If you wish to bring your own food/non-alcoholic beverage, you are welcome to do so. Food/beverages you bring with you must remain inside of your vehicle at all times.

What should I wear? Remember, even though you’ll be enjoying the event from your car, temperatures can still get chilly so dress warmly!

May I stay overnight? No. All guests must vacate immediately at the conclusion of their reserved show time.

Ticketing: info@oakspark.com or 503-206-4024

Show Producers: webracadabra@gmail.com or 503-484-7845

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