Non-profit Rink Rental Discount Policies

Non-profit Discount: The non-profit discount is 25% off the retail rental rate. To qualify for the discount, you must provide a valid non-profit tax ID number for validation by our staff.

Number of Skaters: The minimum number of paid skaters required to qualify for the non-profit discount is 20. You are welcome to have fewer than 20 people at your event, but the minimum charge for 20 skaters will apply. The maximum number of skaters is 600.

Reservations and Payments: Reservations must be made through our Administration Office a minimum of 72 hours in advance; complete the Non-profit Roller Rink Private Rental Request Form. Non-profit discount rental reservations cannot be made through our online store. The fee is due at the time of booking; a credit/debit or Oaks Park Chipper Card is required. You may book back-to-back timeslots. Only credit/debit cards or Oaks Park Chipper Cards will be accepted at on-site registers; no cash sales.

Refunds and Cancellations: Rental fees are non-refundable. Cancellation will result in forfeiture of the fee. In cases of emergency, reservations may be rescheduled by emailing a minimum of 72 hours before the date/time listed on your ticket.

Food/Beverage: Outside food/beverages are prohibited. The rink cafe will not be operational during your rental. Self-service vending machines available. Beer/wine service available for purchase with a credit/debit card.

Skates: Skate rental is included at no additional charge; skaters may choose from conventional, inline, low-profile, or artistic skates. Personal skates are welcome, subject to inspection.

Skate Shop: The Skate Shop may operate during your rental time as a separate, retail space subject to separate capacity limitations. Boot fittings, equipment assembly, and/or equipment maintenance may require a separate appointment.

Music: You may bring your own plug-and-play device to play music through the rink's sound system or may opt to play Oaks Park's preloaded playlists (family-friendly top-40s mix). Your device must have a 3.5mm headphone jack. You may have an outside DJ; paid performers are required to complete a separate policy acknowledgment and provide a certificate of insurance. A live pipe organist is available for a separate fee of $100 per hour; contact to add the organist to your reservation.

Lockers: Coin-operated lockers available.

Safe Skating Practices: Headgear, headsets, Bluetooth headphones, and sunglasses may not be worn while roller skating. Hats may not be worn while skating except when secured with a hat clip. Loose items are not permitted on the skating floor, e.g., cell phones, cameras, stuffed animals, etc. Loose clothing draped around the body may not be taken on the skating floor. All guests must wear skates to be on the skating floor unless permission has been obtained from the on-duty Rink Manager. For everyone's safety, the following behaviors are prohibited: jumping, fast or reckless skating, weaving, zigzagging, and practicing roller derby moves through traffic. Pushing, shoving, racing, chasing, or playing tag is not permitted anywhere in the Roller Rink. All skaters must keep moving while on the skating floor; skaters may not stop and stand along the sidewalls or eat and drink over the walls. No one may pick up and/or carry anyone while wearing skates, including parents of small children. Sitting on, or jumping over, the sidewalls is not allowed. Violation of any of these rules may result in eviction from the premises without refunds. Report all conflicts and safety concerns to the staff.

Warm Weather Advisory: The Roller Rink does not have A/C. The main skating floor is cooled by a swamp cooler. Rick's Cafe is air-conditioned.

Skate at Your Own Risk: Roller skating is a physical activity with an inherent risk of injury; by participating you assume the risk of injury.

Additional Policies: Please view our guest guidelines page for more info.


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