Midway Games

Midway games are currently closed for the winter and will reopen March 21, 2020.
2020 pricing coming soon.

Bob's Fishin' Hole

Don't let those slippery fish escape! Every player is a winner! Great game for guests young and old.

Plunder Island

Each player holds a treasure chest of gold chains. Throw them onto the pirate hooks and you win your pirate booty like eye patches, pirate hats, and swords! Ahoy!

Pug Plinko

Find puppy love as you drop your chip into a slot on the board and watch as it bounces its way down the maze. If your chip lands in the right spot at the bottom you win your own puppy prize! Could be a pug... or could be a poop!


Ring Bling

Ring Bling is a magical ring toss. Toss the ring around the shiny horn and win your own fluffy unicorn!

Rink Arcade

Something for everyone including driving games, air hockey, pin-ball machines, and crane games.

Currently closed due to rink construction.

Roller Bowler

Win 10 times and get a jumbo stuffed animal to take home!


Shooting Gallery

Take aim at targets of the old west at turn-of-the-century themed favorite.

Sweet Spin

Spin the jumbo rainbow swirl lollipop spinner to win yourself a treat at the SWEET SPIN. Everyone wins a candy or plush treat! Cupcakes, doughnuts, and popsicles oh my!

Tiki Toss

If your coin lands on top of the tiki mug tower, you win a glass!


Water Races

Squirt water in the clown's mouth at the fastest pace and you're a winner! 2 players minimum.

Wrath of Willamette Willy

It's a game based on the exciting legend of the Oaks Park river monster. Throw a ball to knock over Willy's cans!

Oaks Park Gift Shop

Visit our newly updated midway Gift Shop or the roller rink Skate Shop to score some Oaks Park swag!

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