Oaks Park Mission Statement

In honor of the spirit and donation of Robert Bollinger, Oaks Park Association (OPA) serves as a private non-profit organization whose mission is the preservation and perpetuation of the historic amusement park as an affordable, safe, and family-friendly recreation attraction open to the general public. 

The OPA will provide stewardship of the real estate of the historic park site on the Willamette River through maintenance of its landscape, buildings, structures, pedestrian and vehicular access ways, and utility infrastructure. 

The OPA will preserve, maintain, renew, replace, and develop buildings and attractions appropriate to an historic amusement park including the nation's longest continuously operating roller skating rink; the unique historic carousel and other outdoor rides appropriate to a broad range of ages; games, and refreshments. 

The OPA will provide management and operation of features of the park, either directly or through a contract with other compatible entities, to achieve a safe and inviting recreation environment for the general public. 

The OPA will promote public awareness of the park heritage and its facilities as a destination for family gatherings, group events, community activities, organized recreation as well as individual enjoyment. 

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