Chipper's Woods Miniature Golf

Open Play

Play a round under the lush oak trees while enjoying spectacular views of the Willametter River and Portland's west hills.

Admission: $9

5 and younger free. Tickets available on-site only. Capacity limitations apply.

Miniature golf is open during all amusement park hours.


Mini Golf Course Private Rental

Enjoy exclusive use of our beautiful mini golf course for your next family get-together, reunion, large birthday party, fundraiser, or for a fun team-building outing for your office.

  • June 15-September 6, 2021: Available TUES-SUN, 9 AM-12 PM
$10 per player, per hour

20 players minimum.


Advance reservations required. See below for private rental FAQs.

Open Play FAQ

Do I need a reservation? Open Play access is taken on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no reserved tee times during Open Play.

What is included? Admission includes 18 holes, a club, a ball, and a scorecard. Clubs and balls are sanitized between each user.

Do I have to pay admission if I'm not playing? Adults who are not playing but are supervising paid children may enter the course at no charge. Everyone who is playing must pay the admission fee.

Can I bring my own club and ball? Yes, personal clubs and balls are welcome. Balls that leave the course or land in the water feature may not be retrievable.

What time does the last round start during Open Play? The final round of golf begins 30 minutes before closing. Visit our hours calendar for closing times.

What if it rains? The golf course is generally open rain or shine but we reserve the right to alter hours in the case of extreme weather conditions.

Can I snack while I play? No, food and beverages are not permitted on the course. First-come, first-served picnic tables are located nearby along the west boundary of the park.

Can I bring my dog? For everyone's safety and enjoyment, pets are not permitted on the golf course. Service animals may escort their owners.

COVID Mandates: Compliance with mask and social-distancing mandates is required.

Private Rental FAQ

Is a contract required? Yes. And event agreement consisting of the electronic request and policies acknowledgment, a signed Event Reservation Form stipulating the event order, event details, and fees, and a completed Credit Card Authorization form. The expiration date of the credit card provided must be after the event date.

When do I pay for my rental? The full fee is due at the time the rental is reserved. Rentals rates as published on this page the day the reservation is made apply. Payment for any additional fees incurred during the course of the event is due by the conclusion of the event.

Can I get a refund? No. Rental fees are non-refundable.

Can I arrive early to setup? No. The event may only access the golf course for the agreed-upon time frame as specified in the Event Reservation Form. Early admittance or late departure will result in the credit card on file being charged $300 per hour (charged by the full hour). There are no refunds/discounts of the rental fee should the event choose to vacate before the end of the specified time frame.

What is included? Golf course rental includes one staff person to oversee course operations. Clubs, balls, scorecards, and pencils for all players are included in the rental fee.

Can I bring my own club and ball? Yes. Guests are welcome to use personal clubs/balls if desired. Balls may not be able to be retrieved from the water or area outside the course.

Can we have food/drinks while we play? No. Food/beverages are not permitted on the golf course. A limited number of first-come, first-served picnic tables are available at the west edge of the park where the event may consume homemade food/non-alcoholic beverages (tables subject to availability).

Will there be restrooms available? Yes. Restroom facilities will be provided and monitored by Oaks Park. The set of restrooms open for the event is at the discretion of Oaks Park. Restrooms will be shared with other events and the walk-in public.

Additional Course Use Stipulations: Oaks Park staff will clean and prepare the golf course for play before the start of the contracted time. By the conclusion of the rental period, the course must be vacated with all materials not belonging to Oaks Park removed from the course or disposed of in the provided trash receptacles. The course must be left in the same condition found upon arrival or a minimum fee of $500 will be charged to the card on file. Golf course features may not be moved or altered. Outside equipment (e.g., tents, tables, etc.) is not permitted on the golf course with the exception of free-standing signage Only the golf course is included in the rental; no portion of the event may set up/disrupt adjacent areas including rentable picnic areas, walking paths, fire lanes, etc. Nothing may stake into the ground on Oaks Park property. Nailing, stapling, or applying adhesives to any surface is prohibited.

COVID Mandates: It is the responsibility of the organizer to ensure that all event guests adhere to county COVID mandates in effect on the date of the event. Should COVID mandates impact our ability to host the event, the organizer may either A) Transfer your deposit and reservation to a later date, or B) Receive an Oaks Park gift card in the value of the rental fee.

Mini golf open during all amusement park hours!

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