Skate Classes

Group classes are available with instruction for every level, age, and interest! Class fees include skate rental.
Registration opens online 90 days in advance.


Introduction to Roller Skating

Currently on summer break. Class will resume in the fall.

Contemporary Recreation Skating

Sundays • $52/4-week course


Registration fee includes admission to the 7-9:30 PM Open Skate Session following class each week. This is not a beginner-level class. For skaters looking for instruction in basic skating skills, please view the Introduction to Roller Skating class info above.

Contemporary Rec I/II

Sundays • 5:15-6 PM
16 & Older

For those ready to do more than just skate forward, this class will give participants more tools to improve their social skating experience. The course covers a mix of rhythm, style, and artistic skating skills and introduces basic backward skating skills. Skills covered will include crossovers, standing on 1 foot for extended periods of time, scissors, stopping without toe stops, backward skating, and turning around using 2 feet.

Skaters should be stable skating forward and have the ability to balance on one foot for 2 seconds at a time.


Contemporary Rec III

Sundays • 6:15-7 PM
16 & Older

The secondary 4-week course continues the exploration of a mix of rhythm, style, and artistic skills. Skills covered will include advanced footwork and use of edges, spins, basic jumps, multi-directional C & S turns, and one-foot turns including 3-turns, counters, brackets, and rockers. Emphasis will be placed on being able to do all skills on either foot and turning in both the regular and reverse directions.

Skaters should be stable skating forward and backward and have the ability to balance on one foot for 5 or more seconds at a time while skating either forward or backward.



Special Interest Classes

Special interest classes run on a drop-in basis • $13 per skater, per class


Participants must be comfortable with forward skating and stopping. Online ticketing opens 90 days in advance.

"Coffee Club" Social Fitness

Thursdays • 10 AM-12 PM
55 & Older

Join this long-running class centered around fun, friends, and zero-impact fitness for seniors through strength exercises, dance instruction, and coffee breaks with fellow skaters, creating a regular weekly experience beneficial to both body and mind. Coffee Club is geared toward 55 and older, but all ages 18 and over are welcome.


Footwork Essentials

1st/3rd Saturdays • 6-7 PM

Learn balance, edges, rotation, and posture as they apply to common footwork. Practice skills to encourage both structured and freestyle expression. Learn to do pivots, spins, grapevine, snakewalk, dribbles, hez, zero, different transitions, crossovers, etc. The class fee includes admission to the Open Skate Session following class.


SoulFit Rhythm

2nd/4th Saturdays • 6-7 PM
15 & Older

This class combines a low-impact, total body workout centered around the jam/rexing style of skating with the freedom and flow of movement-based exercise, creating a great way to relieve stress and be part of a supportive and positive community. The class fee includes admission to the Open Skate Session following class.



Special Interest Classes go on a break over the summer. The final dates for the 2023-2024 class series are: Coffee Club, May 23 • Footwork Essentials, June 15 • SoulFit, June 22. Classes will resume in the fall.


Pre-Competitive Program

Participation must be approved in advance by an Oaks Park Skating Club coach.

Artistic I

Saturdays • 8:30-10 AM
$52 per skater/4 weeks
All Ages

Prepare to enter the world of competitive roller figure skating or to participate in the RSA Proficiency Test structure while receiving training and instruction alongside Oaks Park Skating Club junior members. Instructor invitation is required to participate in this class.


Oaks Park Skating Club

Private practices 7 days a week
Affordable monthly dues
Elite level coaching

With a host of skaters of all levels from beginners to World Team members, OPSC is one of the most successful competition-level roller skating programs in the United States, focused on developing skaters to their highest athletic potential while providing a fun, social experience for members.



Specialty Sessions with Group Instruction

These limited-admission skate sessions include an introduction to skating basics for young skaters. Group instruction during specialty sessions is taught by our USA Roller Sports certified coaches. Tickets open online 90 days in advance.

Kids' Morning Session

Saturdays • 10-11:30 AM
$13 per child
10 & Younger

Get the weekend up and rolling with family fun at a special session just for kids 10 and younger! Little visitors and their families experience our Roller Rink at their own pace! From October-May, admission includes a 15-minute group lesson concentrating on getting new skaters rolling and comfortable on their skates. One adult skates free per paid child; additional adults must purchase admission to skate.



Chipper's Preschool Skate

Tuesdays/Wednesdays • 10-11:30 AM
$13 per child
6 & Younger

Our littlest friends 6 and younger get the rink all to themselves for skating fun, snack time, and a visit with Chipper the Squirrel. Coach Amy teaches a 15-minute group skating lesson that introduces young kids to the principles of body movement while helping toddlers learn to follow directions through fun games. One adult skates free per paid child; additional adults must purchase admission to skate.




Preschool Skate takes a break over the summer starting June 6 and will resume October 1st.

Roller Skating is year-round fun!

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