Kiddie Rides

Chipper's Chopper


Let the little ones take the driver's seat for a wheelie-popping tour of Oregon!

Height Requirement:
  • 34" or taller to ride alone
  • Under 34" with a supervising companion
  • Adults may only ride when escorting a child and must ride in the sidecar

Frog Hopper

Preview Coming Soon

Riders old and young can enjoy the tummy-tingling fun of a bouncing adventure on this popular kiddie ride.

Height Requirement: 36" or taller

Jump Boats


Set sail for fun and feel the thrill of a seafaring adventure as you ride the waves in our vividly painted vessels!

Height Requirement:
  • 36" or taller to ride alone
  • Under 36" with a supervising companion

Sky Fighters


Kids blast off for an orbiting outer space adventure aboard one of our most vintage attractions.

Height Requirement: Under 48"

Toon Cars


Beep, beep - kids coming through! Our littlest guests enjoy a spin in cute, colorful, cheerful cars.

Height Requirement: Under 48"

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